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Translation of sogleich

sogleich presently    

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Sample sentences:
Als sie die Süßigkeiten erblickte, produzierte ihr Mund sogleich Unmengen von Speichel.

When she saw the candy, her mouth presently produced a flood of saliva.
sofort,sogleich at once
sogleich instantly all
sogleich at once

I left the smaller regions out. Do you think they are important? There are some terms that are specifically used in Ecuador. Let's leave it as it is now. Time will show us within a few days if we need them all or not.
Thank you for your inquiry. Your Italian is very good. How long have you learned it? Last year I studied Spanish, which is very similar to my native Italian, but it also confuses you sometimes.
What is the past tense of 'to swim'? So either you say, I was swimming or yesterday I was swimming. Or: I was running yesterday vs. yesterday, I ran. You know the answer? I have no clue.
Do you know the meaning of? sich entscheiden    schöpfen    schneller    schiefstellen    rumänisch    regulär    pusten    polizeilich    partizipativ    nutzbar