German Dictionary

Translation of Spinner

der Spinner the weirdo [coll]; the nutcase    ; the wacko [coll]

Translation by Vocabulix

Sample sentences:
Der Spinner ist mit seinem Mercedes direkt in die Apotheke hineingefahren!

That wacko drove his Mercedes right into the pharmacy!
Der Spinner nebenan tanzt schon wieder auf dem Dach. The nutcase next door is dancing on the roof again.

A proposal for our further cooperation: I will translate your texts in English and you translate my letters into Spanish. I will focus on spelling and grammar, and I will correct your sentence structure.
We can communicate via Skype if it acceptable to you. It's easier. I can also write you via regular email and attach photos. My hobbies are hunting and mountain climbing. The later is pretty dangerous.
Since when have you been learning Spanish? My children are not on Vocabulix, they are too small for it. We have no time for the normal day activities, and we are always on the move with the children.
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