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Translation of springen

springen  to jump     
springen to spring    ; to leap    ; to bounce    ; to dive    ; to jump    ; to vault    ; to burst    
springen to skip    

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Sample sentences:
Im Jubel sprang er über den Tisch.

In jubilation he vaulted across the table.
Der Dummkopf wollte noch einmal ins Wasser springen. The idiot wanted to jump again into the water.
Das Rehkitz sprang über den Zaun und verschwand im Wald. The fawn jumped across the fence and disappeared in the woods.
springen; hervorspringen; hüpfen leap
springen; abfedern; schnellen spring
Trampolin springen trampoline(1)
Fallschirm springen parachuting
Bungee-Springen bungee jumping
hüpfen, springen to skip
Bungee-Springen bungy jumping
springen; hüpfen to jump
springen jump (v); spring

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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of springen
[bin gesprungen]
springe  springst  springt  springen  springt  springen  sprang  sprangst  sprang  sprangen  sprangt  sprangen     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of bounce   [ bounced, bounced ]
Conjugation of burst   [ burst, burst ]
Conjugation of dive   [ dived, dived ]
Conjugation of jump   [ jumped, jumped ]
Conjugation of leap   [ leapt, leapt ]
Conjugation of skip   [ skipped, skipped ]
Conjugation of spring   [ sprang, sprung ]
Conjugation of vault   [ vaulted, vaulted ]