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Translation of Stellung

die Stellung the position    

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Sample sentences:
Die Inspektion brachte die unerfreulichen Neuigkeiten, dass die Achse nicht in der richtigen Stellung war.

The inspection yielded the bad news that the axle was not in the right position.
Verabredung; Stellung; Amt appointment
niedr. gesell. Stellung humble station
zur Verfügung Stellung provision
Bestimmung/Stellung appointment
Stellung, Posten position
Stellung, Haltung stance

I mean every thief becomes excited if he sees such a stupid tourist as I was. Some little children, I think that they were from xyz origin, came to me and offered me a newspaper and asked for money.
They are actually lovely hills and do not look threatening at all. That shows us that she actually loves her pregnancy and does not know what to do about it. One can really pitty this woman.
At the bottom a Jeep waited for us and it was only a fifteen minute drive uphill to get back to the village. We explored the village and went to have a coffee at some nice place around the center.
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Conjugation of position   [ positioned, positioned ]