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Translation of Südwesten

der Südwesten the southwest    

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Sample sentences:
Mariko kommt aus Nagasaki im Südwesten Japans.

Mariko is from Nagasaki in the southwest of Japan.

In May I'll be able to show the machine at an exhibition in the university. In addition, we can show it to all these university partner laboratories in the U.S., which are led by people who live here.
I met the company last autumn, because the site's traffic is getting pretty big and they invited me to a workshop. They have convinced me that I have to put their logo at the top of the page to maximize exposure and this was a big mistake.
I understand everything you write. It's all right. I've studied in school more than 50 years ago. I recommend the Augusta course. You pay a little more, but it is worth it in any case.
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