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Translation of töricht

töricht foolish    

Translation by Vocabulix


albern; dumm; töricht silly; foolish
benommen; töricht light-headed
dumm, töricht, unklug foolish
töricht, verwegen foolhardy
töricht foolish*; silly*
töricht; irrig misguided
töricht; albern silly
töricht, albern silly
dumm, töricht silly
töricht silly

But by listening to this over and over again, some get even more used to unimportant messages and to this kind of presentation. It is a vicious circle. For some folks it is difficult to handle.
The place was amazing and very interesting although tourists ruled here. At noon we continued to see a waterfall called Agua Azul, which means Blue Waters in Spanish. It was a two hour drive.
The fans in the stadium was so much better than any fans in Europe. The atmosphere was pure football and people did not stop singing for ninety minutes regardless of the score. Outside the stadium there was smell of Asado.
Newly added translation: teuflisch    stürzen    statt    sorgfältig    sich schützen    sechzehn    schottern    schlagkräftig    rötlich    rekapitulieren