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Translation of triefen

triefen to drip    

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das Weinen; triefen; weinen weep

The reason for this behavior may be a reflection of the geographical and geological structure of the state: A lot of high mountains and valleys prevent easy travelling to the neighbors surrounding it.
The place was amazing and very interesting although tourists ruled here. At noon we continued to see a waterfall called Agua Azul, which means Blue Waters in Spanish. It was a two hour drive.
A small boat took us to the Kayak hiring station. We took three Kayaks in total, one for the guide, one for the couple from the US and one for us. We started rowing to a hidden Bay away from the crowds.
Newly added translation: talentiert    strahlen    sprunghaft    skeptisch    serbisch    schwächeln    schmunzeln    schauspielern    rothaarig    reden   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of drip   [ dripped, dripped ]