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Translation of Trog

der Trog the trough    

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Sample sentences:
Der Trog war voller Blätter und musste vor der Fütterungszeit geleert werden.

The trough was full of leaves and had to be emptied before feeding time.

We do not see the spider eating the moth, we only see a yellow spider sitting on a red flower holding a brown moth. But we know what will occur: There will be a cruel and nasty act of the nature.
Language education is very important to me, because I really want to communicate with other cultures and people. If I could I would learn all languages: Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian.
Unfortunately, the boat's maneuvering system broke down and we were told that we could not take it. We were furious, but decided to make the best out of the situation. The offered to take the Red Dragon instead.
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