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Translation of Tuch

das Tuch the rag    ; the cloth    

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Sample sentences:
Um andere vor ihrer ansteckenden Krankheit zu schützen trug sie ein Tuch über Mund und Nase.

To protect others from her contagious disease, she wore a shawl over her nose and mouth.
Ein stinkendes Tuch wie dies hier sollte nie wieder benutzt werden. A smelly cloth like this one should never be used again.
das Tuch, Tücher the sheet(s)
Stoff, Tuch, Lappen cloth
Stoff, Lappen, Tuch cloth

The woman that is described in the text has a lot of problems not only in society but also with her health. I would like to see this woman on a diet not because of the people around her but because of herself.
I tried to explain that I was preferring to eat with everybody together I that I preferred not to eat meat if they did not eat it either, for financial reasons. I thought that they understood my feelings.
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Conjugation of rag   [ ragged, ragged ]