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Translation of Übereinstimmung

die Übereinstimmung the agreement    
die Übereinstimmung the accordance    

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Sample sentences:
In Übereinstimmung mit seinen Wünschen blieb sie schließlich doch.

In accordance with his wishes, she finally stayed.
Anpassung; Konformität; Übereinstimmung conformance
Übereinstimmung; Übereinkunft agreement
in Übereinstimmung mit in accordance with
Übereinstimmung accordance
Übereinstimmung match

Although I put my wallet in the front pocket of my pants it was not there. I had been so diverted by the aggressiveness of these kids that I did not feel it when they grabbed it out of my pocket.
The intolerance between them rose. The Dutch population feared assaults by their neighbors and thus kept away from personal contact with anybody who was not Dutch. Clearly this issue disappeared.
There were heaps of people in this area and we really had to struggle to get through the crowds. We drank a few beers and a couple glasses of wine and being totally tipsy Lili decided she needed to return.
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