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Translation of Überstunden

die Überstunden the overtime    

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Sample sentences:
Obwohl unsere Lieferanten Überstunden machten, konnte unser Bedarf nicht gedeckt werden.

Even though our suppliers worked overtime, our demand could not be met.
Überstunden machen to work overtime
Überstunden machen to do overtime
Überstunden worked long hours

Although I put my wallet in the front pocket of my pants it was not there. I had been so diverted by the aggressiveness of these kids that I did not feel it when they grabbed it out of my pocket.
If that gets out of control (riots or support for radicals), there may flourish a steady ground on which the mentioned could reoccur. Then after a while this turns to be nationalism on a larger scale.
Not worth mentioning. The next day we spent the entire day in the mall buying unuseful things, cheap Jeans of poor quality and again gifts for our friends. I remember buying swimming pants in the sports store.
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