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Translation of umstrukturieren

umstrukturieren to restructure    

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umstrukturieren redeploy

My first stop was great. I went there by myself not knowing anyone. I hired a room for two nights and walked around the city. After I had moved to my second stop for another two days something strange happened.
The place was amazing and very interesting although tourists ruled here. At noon we continued to see a waterfall called Agua Azul, which means Blue Waters in Spanish. It was a two hour drive.
We considered staying a little longer in this region but the weather forecast foresaw heavy winds and lots of rain. We therefore decided to move on to our next destination which was the Peninsula Valdes.
Newly added translation: traumatisieren    süß    stolpern    spotten    singend    senden    schwesterlich    schmelzen    schanghaien    rollen   

German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of umstrukturieren
strukturiere um  strukturierst um  strukturiert um  strukturieren um  strukturiert um  strukturieren um  strukturierte um  strukturiertest um  strukturierte um  strukturierten um  strukturiertet um  strukturierten um     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of restructure   [ restructured, restructured ]