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Translation of schmelzen

schmelzen  to melt     
schmelzen to melt    ; to liquefy    ; to smelt    ; to fuse    

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Sample sentences:
Sascha behält die Eiscreme im Gefrierschrank damit es nicht schmilzt.

Sascha keeps the ice cream in the freezer so that it won't melt.
Der Zuckerkegel schmolz in den heißen Wein. The sugar cone melted into the hot wine.
Der Käse schmolz auf der Frikadelle. The cheese melted on top of the meatball.

The earlier you go to the top of the mountains the fewer people are on the slopes. I love the sound of the ski-lifts and seeing the villages disappear in the distance while I move up to the mountains.
So the man and the woman are staing at the station, sitting at their table and tasting unknown alcoholic drinks, wishing they had the same feeling of joy that they had known before this all happened.
The following day we took a boat trip to see the Los Glaciares National Park, where many glaciers formed hugh lakes. Many ice bergs were floating in these lakes and some of them had bizarre light blue colors.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of schmelzen
schmelze  schmilzt  schmilzt  schmelzen  schmelzt  schmelzen  schmolz  schmolzest  schmolz  schmolzen  schmolzt  schmolzen     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of fuse   [ fused, fused ]
Conjugation of liquefy   [ liquefied, liquefied ]
Conjugation of melt   [ melted, melted ]