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Translation of unartig

unartig naughty    

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unartig; ungezogen naughty

I left the smaller regions out. Do you think they are important? There are some terms that are specifically used in Ecuador. Let's leave it as it is now. Time will show us within a few days if we need them all or not.
My mother tongue is Spanish. For one year I lived in Spain. I'm from Huston, Texas, USA, originally. I want to study Spanish literature next year. I have already been to my professor to discuss it.
I think Italian so beautiful, I should definitely learn more! In addition, my husband and I are getting married next year and we will move to Italy. He is originally from Palermo, Sicilia.
Newly added translation: trotzig    tauchen    streiten    spöttisch    sodass    sich ausziehen    schälen    schneebedeckt    scheuern    ruhend