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Translation of ungeschnitten

ungeschnitten uncut    

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Sample sentences:
Wir sahen uns die fünfstündige ungeschnittene Version von Marios neuem Film an.

We watched the uncut five hour version of Mario's new movie.

Well, I must say that your picture makes me want to be in Los Angeles and California where I was raised. But I thought that your place was overlooking the Rodeo Drive and the city center.
The easiest way of writing sentences in Spanish and English is to communicate with other people by email or by chat. I found the different time forms quite in Spanish very confusing at the beginning and it was the most difficult part.
Besides, what do you do for living? Where exactly do you live in Venezuela? Southern Germany is also very beautiful with the Alps. Can you understand my German? I would like to improve it.
Newly added translation: unbegreiflich    tyrannisieren    telefonisch    stutzen    stapfen    sonderbar    sich interessieren für    sechshundertzwei    schnüffeln    schimmelig