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Translation of unmittelbar

unmittelbar immediate    ; direct    

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unmittelbar; umgehend immediate
direkt, unmittelbar immediately
gerade, unmittelbar direct
direkt,unmittelbar direct

This is almost six hours, a long time for someone who has children and a day job. I recommend that we write eachother shorter emails and in both languages. Spanish and English next to eachother.
But his intensions are clear. By saying: 'I do not want anybody but you, I don't want anyone else...' he actually refers also to the unborn child. He is putting her into a sad dilema. She refuses.
On the way we visited many small hill tribe villages. The walk was through green, wet rice fields. We really enjoyed it. Our guide explained us about the region and taught us some Vietnamese.
Newly added translation: und so weiter    umgehen    tollkühn    symbolisch    stellvertretend    spazieren gehen    sichtbar    seifig    schusssicher    schlicht   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of direct   [ directed, directed ]