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Translation of urteilen

urteilen to judge    

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urteilen über to judge
urteilen nach to judge by
urteilen, werten to judge

This is almost six hours, a long time for someone who has children and a day job. I recommend that we write eachother shorter emails and in both languages. Spanish and English next to eachother.
The place was amazing and very interesting although tourists ruled here. At noon we continued to see a waterfall called Agua Azul, which means Blue Waters in Spanish. It was a two hour drive.
El calafate airport was a mess. The airport was as big as a hotel lobby, but packed with people and all the luggage came at the same time in the same place. An officer checked the baggage receipt to avoid theft.
Newly added translation: unterbrochen    unfähig    unabhängig    trinken    tanzbar    stramm    spucken    sklavisch    servieren    schwächer   

German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of urteilen
urteile  urteilst  urteilt  urteilen  urteilt  urteilen  urteilte  urteiltest  urteilte  urteilten  urteiltet  urteilten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of judge   [ judged, judged ]