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Translation of Verachtung

die Verachtung the contempt    

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Missachtung; Verachtung; Verstoß contempt
Boshaftigkeit; Groll; Verachtung spite
Verachtung disdain

A word might have one meaning in Mexico, and a totally other meaning in Columbia or in Venezuela. Let me check the words that are already translated before doing anything. I will try to add the other points tomorrow.
But now the other department of the same company made an update to their policy and it seems that they punish all agents that give away too many fliers at once. I will probably have a few corrections to make and I hope that income recovers soon.
I speak a little English. I would be happy to teach you German as well. May I can introduce myself? My name is Jürgen and I live in Dusseldorf. 25 years ago I was born in Mannheim, Germany.
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