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Translation of verkehrt

verkehrt incorrect    

Translation by Vocabulix

Sample sentences:
Der Trottel hat seinen Hut schon wieder verkehrt herum aufgesetzt.

The twit put his hat on upside down again.

I am asking you to give me a reply as soon as possible so that we can proceed. Have you ever tested the new version? Many users are waiting for it, and are sending me lots of emails about it.
The fact that I have received many emails from students in order to make Vocabulix known is a personal success for me. But I think that a new website with many pages would be better for future uses.
How are you? I want to meet you when you are in Austria? At the weekend I took the train home, and tomorrow I'm going back again to Karlsruhe in the south of our country. It is near Freiburg.
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