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Translation of verrückt

verrückt crazy    ; mad    
verrückt insane    ; psycho    ; wacky [coll]; loony [coll]; daffy    ; screwy [coll]; kooky [coll]

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Sample sentences:
In der Schweiz wird der April als Monat des verrückten Wetters bezeichnet.

In Switzerland April is referred to as the month of crazy weather.
Der Server war so langsam, dass es mich verrückt machte. The server was slow, and it was driving me crazy.
Auf diesen verrückten Absätzen zu laufen ist wie ein Nüchternheitstest. Walking on these crazy heels is like a sobriety test.
verrückt werden; durchdrehen to go mad; go mad
jdn.verrückt machen to drive somebody mad
dumm; blöd; verrückt stupid; silly
ganz verrückt nach particularly fond of
verrückt nach sport crazy about sport
unheimlich; sonderbar; verrückt weird

Not be able to perceive the real important things in the world and in life in general. First I want to explain my opinion by mentioning the superficial newscoverage that is currently happening here.
We had time to walk around the waterfall but refrained from entering the little lake at the bottom. My fellow tourtakers were quiet nice and we spend a while just sitting in the grass near the water.
I was surprised that he charged 5 dollars extra (a total of fifteen instead of ten), because he had to take us to three different locations. I did not buy the whole thing and gave him ten bucks.
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