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Translation of vorzugsweise

vorzugsweise preferably    

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Sample sentences:
Vorzugsweise sollten die Kokons unter Glas aufbewahrt werden.

Preferably, the cocoons should be kept under glass.
vorzugsweise primarily**; especially**
vorzugsweise preferably

In the meantime I am listening to some Spanish CDs. They are intended for the car, but no one can tell you when to listen to it, how many times and how often. Please understand that I work a lot.
But his intensions are clear. By saying: 'I do not want anybody but you, I don't want anyone else...' he actually refers also to the unborn child. He is putting her into a sad dilema. She refuses.
She was a very cute twenty six year old woman from the area, had a perfect English and could be understood well. She told us to put on good shoes and we started walking towards the valley.
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