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Translation of Weberin

die Weberin the weaver    

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Sample sentences:
Gabi war eine Weberin, aber nachdem sie Richard traf, webte sie nicht mehr.

Gabi was a webster, but after she met Richard, she stopped weaving.

About the meeting dates: Can I propose something between August 24 and September 26 (in around 10 weeks)? Should I book 2 or 3 full days in the hotel. Gabriella will have enough experience by then.
Until now I have tried the copy the mode of operation of Mike in class. Even the homework that they gave us do not match the exercise that we tried yesterday. I could not fulfill this task anyway.
In school, we now are learning the grammar part, more specifically, the participles and so on. I understand it at all, but the conjugations, boy they are tough. A lot of patience is needed.
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