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Weniger in English

weniger  less     
weniger fewer    

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Sample sentences:
Durch seine eigene Spiegelung im Wasser fühlte sich der Pinguin weniger einsam.

The penguin's reflection in the water made him feel less lonely.
Ich muss meine Software aktualisieren damit diese weniger anfällig auf Viren ist. I have to update my software so that it will be less prone to viruses.
Selbst als wir 30% weniger Material benutzten war die Schachtel immer noch stabil. Even when we used 30% less material, the box was still sturdy.
weniger; am wenigsten less; least
nichts weniger als anything but
mehr oder weniger more or less
nicht weniger als as much as
in weniger als in less than
weniger ...als less...than
weniger leiden less suffer
weniger,geringer less
weniger; minus minus

I did not have a chance to speak to Nancy yet. I wanted to know how to proceed with the order of the CPU for the communication lab. The CPU will enable Voca Dixtionary to be ultra fast and reliable.
The woman has to decide if she wants to carry the baby or to have an abortion. She is a victim of her own situation, suffering restlessly and thinking continuously about her unwanted pregnancy.
A small boat took us to the Kayak hiring station. We took three Kayaks in total, one for the guide, one for the couple from the US and one for us. We started rowing to a hidden Bay away from the crowds.
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