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Translation of zärtlich

zärtlich endearing    ; fond    ; tender    

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gütig, herzlich; liebevoll, zärtlich; zugetan, zugeneigt affectionate
zärtlich tender; delicate
zärtlich,liebevoll fond
zärtlich fondly

If you want to learn, you need milestones, so that you can plan your learning curve. Together, we will decide on 3-4 days, where we will study intensely. Perhaps your German will get a little bit better by then.
Could you please read the following offers in a critical manner and confirm it before I will send it? I have also mentioned the warranty and the software in the offer, because it was requested by the customer.
I want to apologize to you for my late response. It was important for me to meet first with Mr. Kaufler in Zurich and to discuss the situation between the two companies. Now I know more.
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