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Translation of Zahlung

die Zahlung the payment    

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Sample sentences:
Ihre Zusicherung, die Zahlung vorzunehmen, ließ mich besser fühlen.

Her reassurance that she would make the payment made me feel better.
verspätete Zahlung late payment
Zahlung, Überweisung remittance
der Lohn; die Zahlung the pay
Bezahlung, Zahlung payment
Zahlung, Bezahlung payment
Zahlung payment

I did not want to give them any money so they became more aggresive and began holding my hand and said 'please, please' all the time. Finally I decided to give them some money but could not find the wallet.
She insisted that there should be an actual step, where the man proposes friendship to the woman, at a nice dinner or giving her a gift or flowers or going down on his knees. Cultural differences.
We paid for the taxi and waited thirty minutes for the driver to arrive. Again, Argentina reminded me of Italy. We drove into town and were looking for a place. The town made a great first impression.
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