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Translation of zur Zeit

zur Zeit  on time     

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zur Zeit; momentan; im Moment at the moment
aktuell; zur Zeit currently; at the moment
im Moment; zur Zeit (at the) moment
im Moment; zur Zeit for the moment
zur zeit; derzeit at present
zur Zeit, aktuell current
zur zeit at the moment
zur zeit trenutno

We do not see the spider eating the moth, we only see a yellow spider sitting on a red flower holding a brown moth. But we know what will occur: There will be a cruel and nasty act of the nature.
it was great talking to you. I am so happy that you are married. Here are our pictures. Please send me the pictures of you, your husband, the wedding and of course of your baby dog Vasco.
We spent the entire day walking around the city, looking for gifts for our friends and for family back at home. It was a nice and relaxing last day. In the late afternoon, we decided to buy shoes.
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