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Translation of Zusammenarbeit

die Zusammenarbeit the collaboration    
die Zusammenarbeit the teamwork    

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Sample sentences:
In Zusammenarbeit mit Profisportlern fördern wir den Handball schon seit Jahren.

In collaboration with professional athletes we have been promoting handball for years.
Der Landbesitzer restaurierte den Schuppen in Zusammenarbeit mit den Mietern. The landowner restored the shed in collaboration with the renters.
zusammenarbeit/n.; v. zusammenarbeit co-operation; co-operative
zusammenarbeiten; Zusammenarbeit to cooperate; cooperation
für ihre Zusammenarbeit for your cooperation

Although I put my wallet in the front pocket of my pants it was not there. I had been so diverted by the aggressiveness of these kids that I did not feel it when they grabbed it out of my pocket.
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Luckily for him, his wife stood by him and explained that he was clumsy and that would happen to him all the time. Anyway, it none of our business. We all had dinner afterwards and went to sleep.
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