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Translation of Zusicherung

die Zusicherung the reassurance    ; the assurance    

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Sample sentences:
Ihre Zusicherung, die Zahlung vorzunehmen, ließ mich besser fühlen.

Her reassurance that she would make the payment made me feel better.

Boston is kind of huge neighborhood, generally very friendly people and you may meet many people that you already know. So it is pretty easy to get used to and if you grow up there, you don't wanna leave. If you do, you are going to miss it terribly.
Then you can add me as a new friend in your Facebook account. I'll confirm it and you can send an email to my new address if it is publicly displayed and available. Or you can send it through SMS.
My grandchildren live in Switzerland, in Zurich, in the state of Zurich. In August I'm going to go back to Switzerland and I was hoping that I could learn to speak a little German by then.
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