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Translation of assurance in German

the assurance     das Versprechen; die Beteuerung; die Versicherung; die Zusage; die Zusicherung; die Zuversicht

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Sample sentences:
She had trusted in his assurance that he would leave no mess.

Sie hatte sich auf seine Beteuerung verlassen, dass er kein Chaos zurücklassen würde.

I will built a function that will do all lowercase but meanwhile, I would be happy if it could be rewritten to lower case... Is it possible for you? They should all be lowercase, I did it inadvertently.
I have a few other short sentences by tomorrow. How can I pay for all these little translations? If I remember correctly I made also a small contribution through the channel last year... But I don't think you should charge for these ones.
I attended a Spanish course in Malaga, but I need more practice and speak more often (and write of course). Here in Germany it is a bit difficult to learn Spanish because we do not have the chance to practice.
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