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Translation of Zwiebel

die Zwiebel  the onion     
die Zwiebel the onion    ; the bulb    

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Sample sentences:
Das Seezungenfilet muss behutsam mit vielen Zwiebeln gebraten werden.

The sole filet has to be gently fried with lots of onions.
Ich füge viele Zutaten der Suppe hinzu, so wie Zwiebeln, Gerste und Schinken. I put many ingredients into the soup, such as onions, barley and ham.
In seiner Pause briet der Gärtner einige junge Zwiebeln. During his break, the gardener fried up some young onions.
die Zwiebel, Zwiebeln the Onion(s)
Zwiebel onion (anyan)
die Zwiebel luk

In this poem there is not any movement, it is only a snapshot of life, it means it is a picture, almost dead, as there is no movement at all. And this is the reason why the poem seems to be calming.
The belief of somebody that a race or a group of people to which he belongs is superior to another. Even though the word itself stems from the word 'race', its meaning must be generalized.
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