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Translation of abbreviate in German

to abbreviate     abkürzen; kürzen
to abbreviate     verkürzen

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abbreviate k─▒saltmak,; özetlemek; sadele┼čtirmek

The Institute is using the technology with great success, in the departments that I mentioned to you on the phone. Several universities in Europe are also testing it, but we cannot publish that.
We are currently processing the information that you gave us and I will get back to you in the middle of next week. If there are other Spanish language study materials we are always happy to get them.
On day number 2 we made a day trip to Punta Tombo. We rented a local guide to take us from Puerto Madryn to Punta Tombo to watch the penguins. There were lots of them and walking through their towns was fun!
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of abbreviate   [ abbreviated, abbreviated ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of abkürzen
kürze ab  kürzt ab  kürzt ab  kürzen ab  kürzt ab  kürzen ab  kürzte ab  kürztest ab  kürzte ab  kürzten ab  kürztet ab  kürzten ab     
Conjugation of kürzen
kürze  kürzt  kürzt  kürzen  kürzt  kürzen  kürzte  kürztest  kürzte  kürzten  kürztet  kürzten     
Conjugation of verkürzen
verkürze  verkürzt  verkürzt  verkürzen  verkürzt  verkürzen  verkürzte  verkürztest  verkürzte  verkürzten  verkürztet  verkürzten