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Translation of accidentally in German

accidentally     zufällig

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Sample sentences:
Accidentally I have deposited the money for the new computer into the wrong account.

Leider habe ich das Geld für den neuen Computer auf das falsche Konto eingezahlt.
We accidentally swapped the washers for the right and the left side. Wir vertauschten aus Versehen die Unterlegscheiben für die rechte und die linke Seite.
by accident; accidentally durch Zufall; zufällig
to meet (accidentally); bump into; run into begegnen
accidentally versehentlich
accidentally aus Versehen

The next place was huge, had warm water, two large beds, separated shower and toilet, and the windows were towards some kind of patio. I asked to receive the same but with a view to the street.
Why do you wanna learn to speak Portuguese, it's a very difficult language? I don't know many people who can speak well, except Portuguese and Brazilians of course. I love the sound of it.
We hardly remembered that our day began at 7.30am 500 kilometers further north. It was now already 6pm and we were eager to board the plane in order to reduce the distance to our destination.
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