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Translation of aeroplane in German

the aeroplane     das Flugzeug

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Sample sentences:
The small aeroplane was old but worked perfectly.

Das kleine Flugzeug war alt aber funktionierte perfekt.
the aeroplane(s) das Flugzeug, Flugzeuge
the airplane; the aeroplane das Flugzeug
aeroplane; aircraft Flugzeug; Flugzeug
Machine; Aeroplane die Maschine
by aeroplane mit dem Flugzeug

I ran across the bridge to reach the other terminal and asked at the check in counter which connecting flights were still available. I wanted to avoid having to drive into the city at any cost.
As mentioned in our conversation, I will send a more detailed description about all the other exercises. As indicated previously, I believe in your technical skills and in your talent.
We are moving away tomorrow, first to Stockholm and then to Oslo. In the first week we will be in a hotel and at the beginning of the second week my studies will start. I will then look for an apartment.
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