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Translation of approach in German

to approach     nahen; nähern
the approach     der Ansatz; die Annäherung
the approach     die Stellungnahme; die Vorgehensweise

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Sample sentences:
His approach for solving the problem was quite philosophical.

Sein Ansatz zur Problemlösung war ziemlich philosophisch.
The motorcycle was trying to pass the truck in the fast lane and got hit by an approaching car. Das Motorrad versuchte den Lastwagen auf der Überholspur zu überholen und wurde durch einen entgegenkommenden Wagen getroffen.
The assassin approached his target slowly. Der Attentäter näherte sich seinem Ziel sehr langsam zu.
approach Herangehensweise; Methode; Vorgangsweise, Versuch
standard-price-approach Standard-Preis-Ansatz; (Grenzwert)
approach Einstellung; Stellungnahme; Einführung
to approach; approach angehen; auf jmd. zugehen
approach sich nähern; Herrannahen; Zugang
approach; approach Ansatz; vorgehensweise(1)
to approach; to come towards entgegenkommen
approach; approach Ansatz; herangehensweise
bargaining approach Verhandlungsmethode

Then we went to a street where most backpackers would hang out as we wanted to make reservation for a trip that we planned for the next day. There were a lot of travel agents on that street.
The memorial consisted of a small museum and monument which was displaying skulls of civil war victims. It was sad, brutal and scary. It is certainly not the place were you would take tourist on day one.
We decided to make a one day trip to Bolivia, which turned out to be the correct decision. Instead of driving all the way up to the Salar de Uyuni, we stayed close to Chile and visited the area of the lagoons.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of approach   [ approached, approached ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of nähern
nähere  näherst  nähert  nähern  nähert  nähern  näherte  nähertest  näherte  näherten  nähertet  näherten