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Translation of and in German

and     sowohl; und

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Sample sentences:
The church was full and all of the pews were occupied.

Die Kirche war voll und alle Kirchenbänke waren besetzt.
He achieved his goals with a lot of ploys and malice. Er erreichte seine Ziele mit viel List und Tücke.
The horse pranced in circles and was very nervous. Das Pferd tänzelte im Kreis und war sehr nervös.
brief and memorable kurz und einprägsam; kurz und unvergesslich
hide and seek; to hide; to seek Versteck spielen; verbergen; suchen
Fruit and Vegetables; Fruit and veg Obst und Gemüse
by and by; gradually; little by little allmählich
Bed and Breakfast Zimmer mit Frühstück
natural and habitat natürlicher Lebensraum
brothers and sisters Brüder und Schwestern
the cup and saucer(1) die Tasse mit Unterteller
Bed and Breakfast Frühstückspension

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She could not join me since her flight to Israel was supposed to leave in less than 48 hours. I helped her carrying the bag to a hostel in Cancun and we went together to the airport. I postponed my flight again.
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