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Translation of expect in German

to expect     erwarten

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Sample sentences:
After that gunfight you can't expect a pardon from the judge.

Nach der Schießerei kannst Du keine Begnadigung vom Richter erwarten.
For the celebration next week I expect all brass fittings to be polished. Für die Feier in der nächsten Woche erwarte ich, dass alle Messingbeschläge poliert sind.
None of the castaways could expect a proper burial. Keiner der Schiffbrüchigen konnte eine vernünftige Beerdigung erwarten.
to expect; expectation erwarten; Erwartung
to expect erwarten; annehmen; vermuten
to expect someone jemanden erwarten
to expect; reckon with rechnen mit
to expect erwarten, voraussetzen
expect a baby ein Kind erwarten
to expect sth. etw. erwarten
expect a baby gebären
to expect to damit rechnen

Since Joseph is convinced of the coming success, he suggests to leave the machine in Canada for another 2 months (at no cost of course!). I think that they learned a lot through your project.
Ohhh, I love San Francisco and I would love living there too, except that it is further away than Michigan (for us). Good luck anyway. I wanted to share some of Mika's images too, send you email soon.
Although the travel guide book mentioned a three star hotel we did not even had to enter the lobby in order to see that we would not sleep there. So we picked another recommendation and drove on.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of expect   [ expected, expected ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of erwarten
erwarte  erwartest  erwartet  erwarten  erwartet  erwarten  erwartete  erwartetest  erwartete  erwarteten  erwartetet  erwarteten