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Translation of anyhow in German

anyhow     dennoch; ohnedies; trotzdem
anyhow     immerhin; jedenfalls; sowieso

Translation by Vocabulix


after all**; anyhow**; anyway** also doch
anyhow irgendwie; trotzdem; jedenfalls
after all*; anyhow*; anyway* immerhin
after all; anyhow; anyway nach allem

Thank you for correcting my German, I always get confused with the words that put the verb at the end. Like the zu and the ab and the an... All new to me. I truly wish to continue our friendship.
We decided to walk back and explore the city on foot. It was hard to cross the streets as there was an endless flow of motorcycles and bikes. One needed to just enter the street and cross it.
The hill was not close to the village and we did not have a lot of water with us, so that we were happy when a Brazilian couple took us closer in their rented Jeep. We walked a little further.
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