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Be able to in German

to be able to      können 

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to be able to können; fähig sein zu
be able to; be capable; poder können
to be able to können konnte gekonnt
to be able to fähig sein (zu)
to be able to können(1)

Friends, Family and similar relationships you are saying mostly "Du". Young people too. In the city, on the phone, school, at work and in the bank always say "Sie" for now.
A year later we decided to make another trip. We have both been to Mexico and to Cuba, and the year before we were in South America, where we have visited several countries for five weeks.
Your Spanish is excellent, I can understand you very well. I have been learning English for almost 2 years. I have visited a language school and now I am learning in the Internet. See you soon.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of können
kann  kannst  kann  können  könnt  können  konnte  konntest  konnte  konnten  konntet  konnten