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Translation of broad in German

broad     ausgebreitet; ausgedehnt; breit; umfassend; weit

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Sample sentences:
As an interpreter it is useful to have a broad spectrum of vocabulary across all areas.

Als Dolmetscher ist es nützlich ein breites Spektrum von Vokabular in allen Gebieten zu haben.
in broad terms; in general terms in großen Zügen; in groben Zügen
to have broad shoulders breite Schultern haben
broad minded großzügig, tolerant
in broad daylight am hellichten Tag
broad-minded aufgeschlossen
broad-minded weitherzig
broad deutlich; klar

This is a sentence that completes the document so that it will not be shorter than one thousand words. I will add also another one in the second set of words. However, try to learn Spanish or to learn German.
That's very courageous that you have met a man and followed him to another country. If it's true love it is something you must sometimes risk. I have much respect for such decisions.
I will be doing my second year of studies abroad, probably in Panama. For that I will really want to learn Spanish. I know little about the Spanish language, but I will learn. I can help you with German.
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