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Translation of certainly in German

certainly     freilich
certainly     sicherlich

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Sample sentences:
When somebody is that handsome, he is most certainly a heartbreaker.

Wenn jemand so gut aussieht ist er sicherlich ein Herzensbrecher.
Downtown is certainly not a safe place after midnight. Das Stadtzentrum ist sicherlich keine sicherer Ort nach Mitternacht.
certainly. I'll wait. Sicherlich. Ich warte.
certainly; surely; seguramente sicherlich
certainly deserved sicherlich verdient
certainly sicherlich; auf jeden Fall
certainly; certain; sure gewiß
certainly; decisively bestimmt
certainly sicherlich, bestimmt
certainly; definitely Bestimmt
certainly not auf keinen Fall
though/certainly allerdings

I entered yet another suite. This one had a living room, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a huge sleeping room. The view was excellent, overlooking one of Saigon's largest and most impressive boulevards.
We had a great first impression of the people in Cambodia. We were expecting that people would like to take advantage of us but it wasn't the case at all. Our driver for example was very kind.
We took a very relaxing breakfast and made laundry - by the way the cloths dried within 30 minutes as the humidity was as low as 10% or so and the sun extremely strong at this altitude.
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