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Translation of general in German

general     allgemein
general     generell; üblich

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Sample sentences:
The eulogy for the brave general seemed heartfelt.

Die Lobrede auf den tapferen General schien von Herzen zu kommen.
in broad terms; in general terms in großen Zügen; in groben Zügen
general manager; business manager Geschäftsführer
attorney general; public prosecuter Staatsanwalt
general principles allgemeine Grundsätze
general administration Allgemeine Verwaltung
general elections Neuwahlen zum Unterhaus
General Secretary Generalsekretär/in
Attorney General Generalbundesanwalt(in)
general elections die allgemeine Wahlen
Secretary General Generalsekretär
general education die Allgemeinbildung

It was after midnight when we finally could go to bed and rest a little. It was good that the search for a better room turned out to be funny and amuzing so that we did not feel sorry about it.
Considering that the lake was full of crocodiles we gave in to their demand and bought a can of Coca Cola. It cost us two dollars, and considering Cambodia's wholesale price they got plenty of markup.
The next day we decided to spend on the other side of the mountain range (antiplano), in Bolivia. We didn't have the courage to drive deep into Bolivia, as everyone told us about the bad infrastructure and condition there.
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