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Translation of confident in German

confident     zuversichtlich
confident     selbstbewusst

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Sample sentences:
The porter was her confident and knew about all her affairs.

Der Hausmeister war ihre Vertrauensperson und wusste über all ihre Affären bescheid.
(self-)confident selbstsicher; selbstbewusst; zuversichtlich
self-confident selbstbewusst; selbstvertrauend
self-confident; self-assured selbstbewusst(1)
confident; self-confident(1) selbstbewusst
confident selbstsicher; zuversichtlich(1)
confident selbstbewusst(1); selbstsicher
confident zuversichtlich; selbstsicher
self-confident selbstbewußt
self-confident unabhängig
self confident selbstsicher

That's cool if we can arrange like this. I went to Europe last year, and I went to Germany as well, I loved it! What city are you from? I speak a little bit German but not very well (as you may see).
People on the bikes continued to drive around us although we were in the middle of the street. Supposedly this city has more than ten million inhabitants and more than three million bikes.
We asked for the price and were surprised to hear it: A hundred dollars a night. We were actually happy to hear the high price because we knew that if we would not find anything else there was still a good place to stay in.
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