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Translation of data in German

the data      die Daten 
the data     die Angaben

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Sample sentences:
The data intake took a while, so we had a coffee.

Die Datenaufnahme dauerte eine Weile, also tranken wir einen Kaffee.
It took five hours to download the data for the series. Es dauerte fünf Stunden, die Daten für die Serie herunterzuladen.
All the data supplied by Martha were accurate. Alle Daten, die Martha bereitgestellt hatte, waren richtig.
data protection laws Datenschutzgesetze
data Daten; Angaben; Zahlen(material)
personal data persönliche Daten
compress data Daten komprimieren
information; data die Erkenntnis
the data hub der Datennetzknoten
to store data Daten abspeichern
data Kapitalgesellschaft
data package Datenpaket

I am from Italy, but I studied in Frankfurt, in Germany. I am done with my bachelor degree. I am an Engineer since last June. where are you from? Which language do you want to practice? I will start studying next week.
We arrived at the hotel which we booked in advance but decided not to stay there. Instead the driver convinced us to stay at the Borei Angkor Hotel. We were sure that he would get a sales commission.
Although we shared the ruins with about 3000 other tourists, it still left an amazing impression.
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