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Translation of detect in German

to detect     bemerken; entdecken; ermitteln; finden

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Sample sentences:
Hawks have great eyesight and are able to detect a mouse from high altitude.

Falken haben eine gute Sehkraft und können eine Maus von großer Höhe aus entdecken.
Autism can already be detected in children at two years of age. Autismus kann bei Kindern mit zwei Jahren schon entdeckt werden.
to detect; to trace aufspüren
to detect registrieren
to detect opsporen
to detect messen

There are about fifty families who are having very tight connections. Too tight in my opinion. It's like a small town in this aspect. Joanna though is very satisfied with the place and the atmosphere.
I went back to the busterminal and dressed for the ride. That means I put on long pants and my hiking boots. Friends have warned me about freezing conditions during bus rides because of airconditioning.
There were heaps of people in this area and we really had to struggle to get through the crowds. We drank a few beers and a couple glasses of wine and being totally tipsy Lili decided she needed to return.
Most common translations: diligent    disgrace    diversify    down    dual    echidna    element    encounter    entropy    ethnic   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of detect   [ detected, detected ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of bemerken
bemerke  bemerkst  bemerkt  bemerken  bemerkt  bemerken  bemerkte  bemerktest  bemerkte  bemerkten  bemerktet  bemerkten     
Conjugation of entdecken
entdecke  entdeckst  entdeckt  entdecken  entdeckt  entdecken  entdeckte  entdecktest  entdeckte  entdeckten  entdecktet  entdeckten     
Conjugation of ermitteln
ermittle  ermittelst  ermittelt  ermitteln  ermittelt  ermitteln  ermittelte  ermitteltest  ermittelte  ermittelten  ermitteltet  ermittelten     
Conjugation of finden
finde  findest  findet  finden  findet  finden  fand  fandest  fand  fanden  fandet  fanden