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Translation of disrupt in German

to disrupt     stören; trennen; unterbrechen; zerreißen

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Sample sentences:
The noon bell disrupted their quiet conversation.

Der Mittagsgong unterbrach ihr ruhiges Gespräch.

When have you been to Italy last time? It is very far from Romania. My friends and I were all small children when we last saw each other and when we met again we were all adults. This experience was a very strange feeling, but we have overcome it.
In plural there is no difference between the formal and the colloquial address form. Do you mean that you are using 3rd person singular form for the plural imperative? If so, I will change all entries so far.
Hi there again. I would love to visit you very much. I will keep that in mind for our next vacation... Your English is very good and I can't imaging that you have just learned it for two years.
Most common translations: dominant    dream    dynastic    egoism    embryonic    enjoy your meal    ermine    examiner    exponent    fall   

German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of stören
störe  störst  stört  stören  stört  stören  störte  störtest  störte  störten  störtet  störten     
Conjugation of trennen
trenne  trennst  trennt  trennen  trennt  trennen  trennte  trenntest  trennte  trennten  trenntet  trennten     
Conjugation of unterbrechen
unterbreche  unterbrichst  unterbricht  unterbrechen  unterbrecht  unterbrechen  unterbrach  unterbrachst  unterbrach  unterbrachen  unterbracht  unterbrachen     
Conjugation of zerreißen
zerreiße  zerreißt  zerreißt  zerreißen  zerreißt  zerreißen  zerriss  zerrissest  zerriss  zerrissen  zerrisset  zerrissen