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Translation of drool in German

to drool     geifern

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Sample sentences:
The infant casually inserted the teaspoon in the sharpener and drooled happily.

Das Kleinkind steckte beiläufig den Teelöffel in den Anspitzer und sabberte glücklich.
His adoration for her made him drool when she came in. Seine Bewunderung für sie ließ ihn geifern als sie hereinkam.
to drool; to drivel sabbern

There are about fifty families who are having very tight connections. Too tight in my opinion. It's like a small town in this aspect. Joanna though is very satisfied with the place and the atmosphere.
She insisted that there should be an actual step, where the man proposes friendship to the woman, at a nice dinner or giving her a gift or flowers or going down on his knees. Cultural differences.
The express ferry took us to Macau, a Portuguese colony near the Chinese Guangdong province. Although the distance is not short the express ferry gets there in one hour and is totally modern and reliable.
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Conjugation of drool   [ drooled, drooled ]