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Translation of geifern

geifern to drool    

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Sample sentences:
Seine Bewunderung für sie ließ ihn geifern als sie hereinkam.

His adoration for her made him drool when she came in.

Last year, many parties did not receive votes anymore and had to go to the opposition. The entire area is governed today by leftist parties and the center block is weakenng constantly during the last year.
I'm so happy that you wrote to me and I miss you! We are doing great. We have settled in very fast. Luise is going to her kindergarden, Sofia to University and I'm going to work driving my car every day.
The ship stopped in the middle of several limestone islands and passengers went swimming in the middle of the sea. There were dozens of other boats around us as the area was very touristy.
Most common translations: färben    formen    feinste    ethisch    erlöschen    entschuldigung    eklatant    einigen    echt    dreist   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of drool   [ drooled, drooled ]