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Translation of emaciated in German

emaciated     ausgemergelt

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Sample sentences:
It shocked her to see her husband so emaciated.

Es schockierte sie, ihren Mann so ausgehungert zu sehen.

I'm looking to move to Spain in the summer and hoping to visit my friend in Barcelona before then so I was hoping to have the basics done by then. I've always wanted to learn another language, but we are not pushed enough in the US.
We had dinner in a Chinese restaurant not far from where we slept, but it was not good at all. We walked home and slept early. The coming morning we were picked up on the backpackers' street.
The American girls came with T-shirt and sandals, not exactly the right equipment for a trip 5000 meter over sea level and minus 10 degrees outside temperature during the day. Anyway, the landscape was fantastic.
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