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Translation of embody in German

to embody     verkörpern

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Sample sentences:
The way she took care of their children seemed to embody the essence of goodness.

Wie sie sich um ihre Kinder kümmerte schien die Essenz von Güte zu verkörpern.
to embody umfassen; darstellen; enthalten

Let us speak in the beginning of next week and arrange the exact schedule. I should get the first answer tomorrow or on Thursday evening. And by the way: Happy Birthday to your little cute daughter.
I received your previous message. Sorry, I did not make the connection earlier, as I did not remember your company's name and have not met Jack Ulmani. You have probably received my address from Allan.
Once at the JFK I had six hours of stop over. That was plenty of time to think whether it was worth flying to Cancun or staying a few days in NY, waiting for the hurricane to pass. I called friends.
Most common translations: engineering    ere    exaggeration    exploration    faithfulness    feeble    fifty-one    fixity    fluorine    forklift   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of embody   [ embodied, embodied ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of verkörpern
verkörpere  verkörperst  verkörpert  verkörpern  verkörpert  verkörpern  verkörperte  verkörpertest  verkörperte  verkörperten  verkörpertet  verkörperten