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Translation of emotional in German

emotional     emotional
emotional     gefühlvoll

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Sample sentences:
Her emotional anomaly was a tricky issue for her husband.

Ihre emotionale Anomalie war für ihren Mann eine verzwickte Angelegenheit.
She was so emotional that day, she seemed demented. Sie war an dem Tag so emotional, sie schien dement.
emotional emotional, Gefühls-
overly emotional pathetisch
emotional gefühlsvoll
emotional emotionell

I had just said that if you wanted we could meet up on the last weekend in October, I have to be in Malaga the following week... Your English is very good! Would be nice to hear something from you!
We had dinner in a Chinese restaurant not far from where we slept, but it was not good at all. We walked home and slept early. The coming morning we were picked up on the backpackers' street.
At noon we continued to the Altiplano to visit some lakes and volcanoes. At 4000 meter above see level it became suddenly extremely cold and our heads started to spin. Altitude sickness?
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